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Step-dad, Mike passed away thirty minutes ago. He's with the angels and they are singing his welcome home.

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Gift Fic - The Beauty - for Marishaten! Happy Late Birthday!

Title: The Beauty
Authoress: Rickashay
Genre: Romance/Tragedy
Rating: T
Word Count: 500
Warning(s): err…slightly disturbing, mentions of angels and heaven, but not “religious”. Slight language
Summary: He saved her, but at what cost? A beautiful angel, her wings decayed and abandoned.
Author's note: I hope you enjoy this and I really wanted to capture the pain I heard in this song, so I hope I did it justice!

Gift for marishaten

Inspired by: Marishaten has the translation of the song on her LJ.

Written by Takubo Mam
Composed by Satou Hidetosh
Arranged by Gotou Sho
Performed by Okiayu Ryoutaro

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Update on Life
So, I suppose I've disappeared lately.

My reason is...

I'm working and school. My job is going really well...but I am beat once I get home. Standing on my feet for six-eight hours is not very fun...apparently. I get fantastic tips though since I work in the cafe and I've met some amazing customers.

I'm just a tiny bit sad and sore though...but other than that...just super busy.

My mom got married. One of the reasons was for medical, her husband has throat and mouth cancer and he had major surgery to remove most of it. Unfortunately, he can't eat or swollow, they took 3/4s of his tongue, and you can hardly understand him. He has a trake in his throat so he can breath. After Christmas, they want to do chemo and possibly radiation. He's doing really well...but it's really stressful. I'm glad he's healing though. At one point before the surgery, he weighed 116 pounds and he's slowly regaining some weight. He hasn't eaten solid food in three months.

Other than that I've been taking classes, mainly Shakespeare and we needed to write an entire sonnet.

Here's mine:

I was given a 100, and my average grade was around 98%. This was a year above what I was supposed to be taking, so I was really happy. ;) We've gone through Macbeth, Julius Caesar, and A Midsummer Night's Dream. All of them we've had to act out a scene, write essays, tests, and vocabulary. The scenes are fantastic to do, by the way! For one of my scenes I needed to do, it was when Macbeth and Lady Macbeth murder Duncan. Gorgeous scene and I played Macbeth! My teacher said I had given them chills!

Anyway, I hope you all are going to enjoy your holidays!

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I finally managed to write today for NaNoWriMo! Since I'm not working today and I haven't needed to do homework, I wrote 6,000 words! I'm going to start catching up because this was the first day I've actually been able to write.

Username is Rickashay if you want to be my writing buddy!

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to...Kira! I hope you've had an awesome day and that you were treated like royalty!

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Babysitting/New job - rant
So, I was given the job at Barnes and Noble...I gave my sister three weeks to find a way for my niece to be taken care of...although one week she was on vacation but she didn't work at all this week.

And she expects me to babysit Tuesday and Monday...well I have work on Tuesday so you are out of luck...plus the days I don't have work...shouldn't I use that for school? After all...I only have three semesters left...sooo why didn't you find someone.

*sigh* I just don't understand.

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Job - Success!

So Barnes and Noble has decided that once I pass the background check, I'm good to go! I'm SO happy that it went well!

He said congratulations to me at the end, so that was really awesome!

Job Search - Barnes and Noble
Some fantastic news! I had an interview today with Barnes and Noble and I was able to schedule a second interview! They called me twenty minutes after being there, so I'm really impressed and SO excited! YAY!

Julius Caesar, bragging rights
I thought this was really exciting.

I had to give a speech in front of everyone for Shakespeare. (I know, nerve-wracking!) It went fantastically! My teacher gave me extra credit because I did so well! 110! *cheers* I was so happy. Anyway, I had to give Cassius Speech, Like a Colossus in Julius Caesar, and I moved. I looked at everyone in the eye, whispering certain words and leaning closer and closer from the stage. Everyone was so surprised, so shocked! I'm a bit shy, so for me to do this speech in an "insane way. Reminded me of Bellatrix Lestrange!" was a bit overwhelming for them. I remembered each word correctly, I even gave it in front of my family and my niece was scared of me! Anyway, they were very impressed! I was given no criticism, even on how I presented by speech, nervous habits, or anything! I did so well! I'm so happy! So that brings my average up to a 99%! In a couple of weeks we will be studying Macbeth! SO excited for that!