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My Weight/Height - Green Smoothies

My mom has been testing these green smoothies for the past six weeks, and I sort of joined too.

You see, my mom wants to lose her weight. My goal was to be healthier.

About six months ago my blood sugar was really low and I fainted, sort of. I couldn't see or hear anything, my mom thought I had a concussion until she asked what I had eaten that day.

I pointed to my almost completely full thing of chips. I had eaten about twenty chips and that was all I had eaten. During that time, I was a little less than 90 pounds and 4'11. It was five o'clock in the afternoon, I had been up for almost nine hours without eating at all! It's not because it was because I was mad or that I had issues, it was just that I forgot to eat.

That sounds really, really bad though. I've never done that...

Anyway, after fainting and having that feeling of being so weak I couldn't even hold a water-bottle, I decided I'd eat everyday at breakfast. And I did. I haven't fainted or collapsed at all, or even gotten dizzy because I've needed to eat.

Now, for the green smoothies.

When I started eating again, I was about 93-95 pounds. Still below what the proper weight is supposed to be...(about ten pounds difference really.) Anyway, my mom has been doing these great green smoothies. They are actually really good, you just need to learn how to make them and my mom is really good at just throwing things together and making it taste good. Anyway, for six weeks we have been drinking these green smoothies. I don't know how much she has lost, but I know that it's been more than ten pounds. She also lost a lot of inches but I can't remember.

For me though, having been 4'11 since I was thirteen, I checked last March how tall I was too, and now I can proudly say I am 5' and a healthy 100 pounds! I know, most people don't want to gain weight but for me, it says I am healthy now. I feel like it too!

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Ricki!!!! Send me the formula to blend that green smoothies! I want to lose weight so damn badly XD

I am glad that you are much healthier now dear :-) Yes, it is not advisable to missed breakfast even though I always missed it. A light breakfast is like the first meal that gave us strength :-)

Take care, Ricki.

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