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Betrayer - Prologue - Original Story

A/N I said I wanted to post it soon, the prologue to the original story I've been writing. This is what I've been doing lately. I really hope you enjoy this. It was really nerve-wracking writing something original but freeing too. Hopefully you like it. It's only a page or so long...^_^ Just a prologue. Some of you may not know this but it is completely inspired by my series Betrayal of the Clan, fanfiction story staring Sessmom and Inupapa. ;)


E. Shay

March 17, 2012

           “Betrayal…” the shout erupted from the crowds. There was a steady thrum of people, stomping their feet and voicing their outcry.

“This was the betrayer!” One voice cried out, holding up a wanted picture of a strange man, cloaked in darkness.

“Betrayer!” The shout carried on and on, spreading through the crowd like famine.


“Wrought with guilt!” another cry.


“Abomination! Banishment!” and the cry continued on.

“What must we do?” There were expressions lined with anger and men were holding torches to the darkness. Shadows spread through their faces, masked in despair and cloaked with a security that they would not reveal themselves to each other.


It was time to act, which was the general idea among the crowd. They had enough, enough pain and guilt. It was time to act. It was time to banish their betrayer. War was coming…a flash in the clouds like the lightening that gave way to their fury. The roar of the crowd was a mere echo to the thunder that growled in the sky.

Betrayal felt so acutely, they knew who was at fault. Knew the face, the lines that spread through his eyes and the fire that surrounded his eyes.

It was time…

It was time to act…

“What must we do?”

“The General.”

“The General would know…”

“Betrayer, beware of your extinguished existence!” the battle cheer took up among the crowd. “Betrayer, beware of our general! Beware of our might!”

Thunder roared above them, listening, crackling, and hissing through the sky. The clouds above them were as dark as the mood in the crowd. The people in the crowd were heavily cloaked as rain fell upon them. There was a heavy smell of sweat, the wailing noise of crying children, of weeping women, and angry men who dared not speak softer than a whisper. Among them, the deepest part where he could not be found, a figure cloaked in black smiled. It was not a particularly nice smile. Bitter would be the only word to describe it. Yet, there was sadness there too…something that edged its way across his face until crinkles of laughter curved at the corners of his eyes, a dark amusement that curled at the ends of his mouth and with his appearance, the darkening of his eyes. When he looked up, felt the raindrops fall against his face…he knew it was time to leave.

“Betrayer!” the crowd chanted behind him as he shoved his way through, elbows knocking against others.

Words were spoken in loud voices but as he made his way through the crowd, a careful ear straining to hear the final words of the crowd.

“It is time to act! The betrayer has been given free reign. It is time to act!”

            Indeed, it was time to act.

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