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Knee Injury - Update

Anyone, I posted something about me not being able to be on much because of my knee...and this is what I found out...

Apparently they aren't sure what I did, but I didn't break a bone...LOL

Which I knew since I could move it. But I went in for an X-ray and was super nervous but I got to see the X-ray! In fact, I have a tiny bone inside my knee! The person that looked at my X-ray said that she had never seen anything like that! There's a familiar bone in the back of the knee, but she hasn't seen one in the front. Anyway, she wasn't a specialist with knees so I am waiting Thursday to go back in and see what the problem is.

For now, I have my knee immobilized, I have crutches, and I am not allowed to go upstairs. So...I'm sleeping in the livingroom! But otherwise, I'm supposed to have some Advil every few hours and to put ice on my leg most of the time.


It is a really good thing I haven't gotten a job yet.
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