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Rant - Career Choice/Siblings

I do not understand people's assumption that I shouldn't be a writer because they don't make money. I'd have to be known or famous to make money like that.

My brother said I couldn't do that, I wouldn't make enough money.

It isn't about money it's about the enjoyment I get out of it and the hope that someone else would enjoy reading my work too. Does it matter if I'd never be famous? No...if I get two hundred people to ever read my book, I'd be fine with that. I just want to write.

I'd rather do something I absolutely adore doing than doing something I absolutely hate. I don't understand how they don't understand that.

My mom gets it, my editor/brother gets it too...

But no one else.

My dad wants me to be a lawyer or an engineer.

My brother wants me to have a lot of money and go to college.

My sister thinks that I shouldn't write anyway, because it's a waste of time.

My oldest sister thinks it's cool.

My second oldest sister thinks that I shouldn't do anything like that because I would never be successful in that area. (Like you can measure success with something like writing. Doesn't it depend on how many people you can reach, help, or inspire? Isn't success relative?)

My youngest brother thinks that writing is just a hobby, never amounts to anything and it couldn't possibly fit me.

It does not matter at all if I enjoy it.


Not at all...

And so I am encouraged to either pursue a law degree, a business degree, or the most likely candidate, a communications degree.

Personally, I'd like to get a screenwriting degree, something like that. I'd love to do that. I'd love to go to Africa on a mission's trip, unfortunately that would mean I'd have to take a bit off to go there instead of pursuing a relationship/school...or a job.

I'd like to get a job and take classes. But I'd like to get a job that I enjoy/tolerate instead of simply doing it for money's sake and take classes that inspire me and help me in the future career that I want. So what if I don't use the degree, plenty of people don't use their degrees. I'd love to be inspired during college. Everyone is seems to let it drag on...don't they know that the whole point of college is to discover yourself? To feel and be inspired in your choice of career. It isn't just about meeting people, but let things happen, allow the feel of the world to touch you and to develop opinions and views all your own.

But I couldn't possibly have that because people are stuck labeling me as a black sheep in the family. I don't want success or money, material things, I want to inspire and create.

That's probably why I've always struggled to get along with my siblings but I'm always hanging out with the theater/drama people that actually get the idea that you need to lose yourself in something to create something. Feel the stirring of passion and happiness, joy in something that you know that only you can experience and people can only get a grasp of the feeling behind those precious few words.

I don't understand how you cannot feel that way.

I don't want to be successful...

I want to be me.

And I pity you for not understanding that feeling.

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In the end it is all down to what you want and do you care what they said?

In my case, my parents against me from study. I struggle to advice them and I went to a point I ran away. Continue my study with only friends help with lower income and even books was donated by my senior at high school..

I did got what I want even though it was way tooo late compare to what I suppose to achieve at proper age.

I then return to them and they can only accept me because I am their daughter. Many people said I made a right decision. At first I don't think so because they are struggling while I am away BUT judging at who's the one helping them now mostly I understand now that I am really made a correct decision of ran away.

(^_^) bottom line is I wanted to tell you that you can not afford to let others stop you from pursuing what you want and then when you determine to do it, do it without have to care what people say about it.

My advice is a little bold because I am asking a girl to against her family. But a good advice should passed down.

I have experience it myself so I wish you all the best in your choice of career Ricki :-)


Thank you so much for your advice. I really want to please them though and no adult I know is saying that I should pursue something that o absolutely adore. I think it's because I'm the last girl. Neither of my parents graduated college and my six older siblings, none of them have even their associates degree. I'm sorry you had to go through that but you are such a strong person for it too! I really don't want to disappoint people, but I don't want to live with the what if either. I'm a bit expecting they are going to give me a year before I have to make a decision. I'm also going to pay for it too... So at least I won't have to worry about that. Thank you so, so much for this. I sort of feel that if I go with my plans, they're going to place it on someones shoulders. Thank you. :)

No worry Ricki, whatever your decision is always know that I will support you. Passing advice is easier but in reality every single step we make is hard. So I truly understand.

:-) A year should be a good times to have a proper consideration. There are times when we thought we have properly plan on something it still not working as well pleased too so whatever happen let the fate decide :-)

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