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Story/Life updates

Anyway, I've been super busy looking for a job and babysitting! My sister is working late and going to appointments in the early mornings, so we've been babysitting more. *rolls eyes* Why she didn't scheduled the appointments when she doesn't have my niece, I have no idea! But apparently she wants the free time.

My niece is turning three soon! That means I've been babysitting for two years! Insane, right? It feels like it wasn't that long ago! That saying, I'm looking forward to becoming an "adult" after getting a job! My knee is SO much better by the way and thanks to those that wished me well! My knee had a strained ACL and I had dislocated my knee. I finally conquered the stairs a few days ago!

Still exercising it though, apparently it may get weaker since I've had to stay on the couch for more than a month, so I've been walking. I have SO many story ideas and I realized I haven't given you guys what I've updated since the last time!

Story updates:

Nightmare and a Kiss: 91, 92, 93, 94, and 95 (here's a link to the last chapter. Most were actually written at a Sess/Rin community at  

I started working on Brief again!

Summary: There was always a time when they felt they could be most free in their relationship. An exploration, a curiosity felt so strongly. This is the beginning of their story. Multi-chaptered, Fifteen Minutes a Day written, Izayoi/Inu no Taisho. (the only thing I'm really nervous about this story is the progression of their relationship and how much I still have to write! It started up again just yesterday? The chapters I recently have written are 14, 15, 16

Yes, I'm being lazy but I'm going to babysit in a couple of minutes so I have to go really, really quickly!

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I am so happy to hear that you are feeling well, Ricki :-)

I hope you will find a job soon :-)

I know right? Children growing up so fast before our eyes and looking back at my younger sister whom I taking care of since she was born I feel so old :-p She is now already a teenager and started to argue with me in many things haha times sure flying :-)

When is your niece going to turn 3? I here wishing her an advance birthday :-)

Take care Ricki.

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