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Quick Question

Weird moment for us....

Our dog is nearly eleven years old and is having some problems. She's a little dog, indoor, and a bit fat.

Anyway, she's been acting really weird lately. She has been barking at the TV, which she has never done before. She's been barking when our neighbors come home, which she hadn't before. But this was a bit weirder than that, she really, really freaked out this afternoon. She was shaking and went into a corner, but later came out and followed my mom around. We thought that she was scared of something but we can't figure out what she could be scared of. I know dog's hearing is SO much better than us, but it's a little odd that she is getting really agitated by noise like this.

So, my question is whether or not you've had a dog that instead of going deaf, their hearing actually becomes stronger. Anyway, just a thought.

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I don't have a dog, so I really can't say, but if she's old & doing something she never did before, maybe she's getting senile. ^^: Or there could be something else wrong that's affecting her behavior. I would have her checked out by the vet.

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