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So...Mini rant
I told my sister that I was worried about an application that I sent in.

Her response "maybe they don't want to hire you."

Way to be encouraging.

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Awe... that wasn't nice! They probably have a ton of applications & they haven't gotten to yours yet. *huggles*

Thanks. ;) I'm trying to think positively and I did speak with the manager already, so now I just have to wait. My head was more into the "oh, brother!" phase at that moment. Thank you for the encouragement though. *glomps* How have you been? I love that profile pic, by the way.

You're welcome! *nods* That's about all you can do. And if it doesn't happen, then it's cuz there's a better job out there, waiting for you! *huggles*

You're welcome again! *glomps you back* Pretty good, just putzing around & writing. You?

Thanks! That's Germany (who you can't really see) & Italy from Hetalia. It's also one of the rare times I like the main characters. XD I used my "kiss" icon so you can see Germany a bit better. XD

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