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Job Search - Barnes and Noble
Some fantastic news! I had an interview today with Barnes and Noble and I was able to schedule a second interview! They called me twenty minutes after being there, so I'm really impressed and SO excited! YAY!

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YAY!! That's awesoem Rikki! *huggles* I hope you get the job!!

Well, I just have to go through the background check! He said that orientation is later this week Thursday or Friday. At the end he said, "congratulations!" So yup! They are hiring me! I'm going to work as both a bookseller and as a cafe worker! *cheers*

YAY!! *glomps you* That's awesome!!! Congrats!!! :D

Congrat Ricki!!! I'm so excited for you and I hope that you get the job (^_^) Barnes and Noble would be an awesome place to work. I'm so envious XD

Aww, thank you so much! I going to love working there. He said I just need to pass the background check (which I have nothing on it, so that will be easy) and I'll get the job! *cheers* Thank you!

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