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Job - Success!

So Barnes and Noble has decided that once I pass the background check, I'm good to go! I'm SO happy that it went well!

He said congratulations to me at the end, so that was really awesome!

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Thank you so much! This is the job that I was really looking forward to, so it makes me really happy.

YAY!! That's awesome Rikki!! Congrats! :D

Thank you so much! I was so excited! Still excited!

You're welcome! *huggles* When do you start?

Training begins on Wednesday! So excited! ;) I also am getting a really nice discount! 30% off books, plus 50% off cafe items! SO happy about that, especially since I'm a coffee addict.

That's awesome!! Sweet!! I always wanted to work in a bookstore! But the one that was close by, Borders closed about a year ago. T.T

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