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Update on Life
So, I suppose I've disappeared lately.

My reason is...

I'm working and school. My job is going really well...but I am beat once I get home. Standing on my feet for six-eight hours is not very fun...apparently. I get fantastic tips though since I work in the cafe and I've met some amazing customers.

I'm just a tiny bit sad and sore though...but other than that...just super busy.

My mom got married. One of the reasons was for medical, her husband has throat and mouth cancer and he had major surgery to remove most of it. Unfortunately, he can't eat or swollow, they took 3/4s of his tongue, and you can hardly understand him. He has a trake in his throat so he can breath. After Christmas, they want to do chemo and possibly radiation. He's doing really well...but it's really stressful. I'm glad he's healing though. At one point before the surgery, he weighed 116 pounds and he's slowly regaining some weight. He hasn't eaten solid food in three months.

Other than that I've been taking classes, mainly Shakespeare and we needed to write an entire sonnet.

Here's mine:

I was given a 100, and my average grade was around 98%. This was a year above what I was supposed to be taking, so I was really happy. ;) We've gone through Macbeth, Julius Caesar, and A Midsummer Night's Dream. All of them we've had to act out a scene, write essays, tests, and vocabulary. The scenes are fantastic to do, by the way! For one of my scenes I needed to do, it was when Macbeth and Lady Macbeth murder Duncan. Gorgeous scene and I played Macbeth! My teacher said I had given them chills!

Anyway, I hope you all are going to enjoy your holidays!

Opposing Forces

The Hero, cloaked with darkness and light

Aware their betraying natures resound

The Villain, wrapped with sinister might

Fire roaring and with wicked dreams abound

Weighted down, his weakness will be a muse

Molded into darkness, he’ll be trusted

His teeth smiling and eyes gleaming, the ruse

Ruin’s weapon decayed and rusted.

The struggles between forces, languished

They circled, swerved, and they danced

The dying roared and laid vanquished

The victor arose, prevailing by chance

Ambiguous mirth, a delightful song

Laced with sorrow, a cry endures on.

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I'm glad you're doing so well at school, Riki!! that's awesome! And it sounds like work is going well too! *huggles*

Congrats on Mom's wedding, but I'm really sorry to hear your step-dad's so ill. *huggles* I'll keep him in my prayers. *more huggles*

LOVE your poem!! :D

Happy holidays to you and yours! *HUGGLES*

Thank you so much! *glomps*

Thank you very much! I appreciate it! He's doing better, but it's still a stressful time for them. Especially because he's hard to understand, so it frustrates him a lot.

Aww, thank you! I was really proud of my creation.

Merry Christmas to you too! I hope you are having an awesome holiday!

You're welcome! *glomps you back*

You're welcome again. I'm glad he's doing better, but that must be so hard on him, the difficulties in speaking, aside form the cancer. *huggles*

You're welcome again!

Thanks! I hope you do too! *huggles*

The speaking really frustrates him, especially when he needs to spell things out for him. I've been rushing for each post, so I'm sorry if it seems confusing.

Thank you! ;)

Awe... The poor guy! It must be really hard for him.

It's okay! *huggles*

You're welcome! :D

I know...:( He's having a tough day today...hopefully he'll feel better though.


Awe... I hope he feels better soon! *huggles*

*glomps you back*

Hi, Rickashay! Thanks for the update--glad to read you've done well in your classes. Thoughts of healing for your step-dad.

Sorry to learn you've got so much going on that it's eaten into your writing time. I meant to e-mail you a time or two during November, when I noticed your word count not changing: alas, I forgot. Maybe next year will be a winner!

Hope you enjoy your holidays, and cherish the time with your folks...

Awww, thank you so much for thinking about me! I am too! Just a stressful time but I'll work on my novel once things cool off a little bit. I had managed to write six thousand words in one day, so I thought I could accomplish nanowrimo. By the way, congratulations! Are you planning on doing anything with your novel?

Definitely next year and thank you so much for the thought! It really lightened my mood! Enjoy your holidays and I will definitely do that...;)

I hope to keep working on the novel. I estimate I only got about 30% through the story ... maybe. I'll probably have to rewrite virtually all of it, but if I can just get into and keep plugging away! It is going to have to wait for "Blood Unbound" to finish--which I'd still like to get done by 12/31/12! (About 4 chapters worth.)

One thing I did this year, for the first time, was to join the local Nanowrimo group in town. It was helpful to have social contact, physical or via IRQ, though both could be distracting if one was actually close to getting into a good writing mode. Worthwhile overall; the group plans to keep meeting monthly, so I hope to keep attending.

That's awesome! The process is really the fun part though, even if you have to rewrite a large portion of it. I'll look forward to Blood Unbound than! ;) Great to see someone so goal-oriented, I'm the same way. I have marks in the year for when I'd like to finish this story, I'm very happy when I manage it. Hopefully I will be able to read your novel someday! I read your summary on the website and thought it sounded absolutely amazing. Very original and unique from anything I've heard of, which is what I've been craving to read recently.

That's really cool! It also probably helps with people who understand what you are going through, time management and helpful tips to share. That's really fantastic!

Glad everything is going well at school and work. Hope the treatments help your step father

Thank you very much! I hope so too! He's having a bad day today, but he was given his steel card from Starbucks today so he seemed happier.

Your sonnet is awesome!!! I always struggled with those, the number of syllables per line and the rhyming scheme . . . it was all too much for me! But yours is . . . wow. Seriously. I've missed reading your work. You're incredibly talented.

Congrats on your mom's wedding and I hope your stepdad's recovery goes well. Also congrats on your grade and the job. I'm so happy for you (^_^)

I hope that you have a great holiday :-)

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