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Gift Fic - The Beauty - for Marishaten! Happy Late Birthday!

Title: The Beauty
Authoress: Rickashay
Genre: Romance/Tragedy
Rating: T
Word Count: 500
Warning(s): err…slightly disturbing, mentions of angels and heaven, but not “religious”. Slight language
Summary: He saved her, but at what cost? A beautiful angel, her wings decayed and abandoned.
Author's note: I hope you enjoy this and I really wanted to capture the pain I heard in this song, so I hope I did it justice!

Gift for marishaten

Inspired by: Marishaten has the translation of the song on her LJ.

Written by Takubo Mam
Composed by Satou Hidetosh
Arranged by Gotou Sho
Performed by Okiayu Ryoutaro

It was undeniable that she was beautiful, radiated a sort of innocence that was captivating. Gorgeous in her simplicity, a spark of fire rarely shown, and yet…she was naïve.

He could change that, could corrupt something so beautiful.

“I could save you.


Darkness had fallen, the red moon hanging above him, enticing and willing him to edge away from his immortal place.

A spider...weaving a web just for her....

Crawling underneath the shadow of the moon....

“I could teach you.”

Admired from afar, shackled with even the thought of causing her pain.

But it was so tempting, tempting as the look on her face, the realization that she had lost. She would struggle, and if so, he would bind her.

She was an eternal image, a delight that he could partake in, something from heaven that had highlighted his own shame and folly.

Sent from above just to taunt him, dizzying with her beauty, and all he needed to do was pierce those wings and allow her to fall.

“I could corrupt you.”

How cruel she was, such an example of perfection while he festered and roared his sorrow, damned.

In a way, it was painful to see how pure she was and how easy it would be to simply ruin it.

“I could pain you, pleasure.


For a moment, there was silence in the lands, and a form crept from his place, watching the figure falling, falling, falling like a dove that had lost its wings.

“I could save you.” A whisper, a plea, and he knew what it would cost in return.


Someone like him…

“I could change you,”

Tainted, corrupted, and decayed around the edges. Those wings that belonged to an angel would be discarded, replaced with something more sinister.

It was a mere glance and it conveyed all her fears, “Please.”

He granted her wish.

I could teach you…the joy of immortality.

Pain mingled with pleasure as he took her away, wrapped in his arms and the pure white that had always drawn him, it turned black underneath the red moon. Red that mingled with her pricked finger, crimson trail left in the wind.


The thread of destiny broke, a spider’s web that had threatened to catch her.

Instead, he would save her.


In return…


A laugh bubbled from her red lips, full of sound and…sadness.

It was a thorn that had pricked her finger, blood rolling down, down, down until it dropped to its fatal end.

“I’ve saved you,” he whispered, a pale hand placed against her face, “don’t you realize?”

“But at what cost?” her wide eyes blanked, merely a corpse.

So he would kiss away those tears that slipped away, and prayed that she would forgive, eventually, his sweet butterfly.

Destroyed and shattered, he almost wished that she would return to the innocent creature she was before, trapped behind a gate where all angels lived.

But now, there would be no returning to that sacred place.

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Wow, this is the best birthday gift ever! Thank you, thank you so much Rikki!

The way you have captured the mood of the song and translated it into this magnificent prose-poetry is something only you can do! I am truly speechless - this is exactly how I felt on hearing the song but I could never explain it half as beautifully as you have done. It literally gave me goosebumps, reading this. Thank you so, so much! :)

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